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Friends & Fellow Citizens

Experience President George Washington’s six pillars of Patriotism, Faith, National Unity, Education, Fiscal Responsibility, and Civility in this engaging civics podcast!

Enjoy fascinating talks and stories about civics, culture, history and politics! Perfect for any America-loving listener around the world!

With over 70 hours of content, this non-partisan podcast is a remarkable mix of solo shows, interviews and special guests that gives you a great boost of freedom!

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Recent Episodes

Solo Sacred Honor Series

Episode 91: William Williams - A Signer with an Original Belief in Independence

May 16, 2022

William Williams may not have the most original name, but his creative ways to support the Patriot cause was evident in his service to Connecticut. Learn how this Signer's family connection with a Royal Governor ultimately f…


Episode 90: Making American Politics More Local and Civil

May 9, 2022

Former House Speaker Tip O'Neill is often credited with the phrase "all politics is local," and it may be more relevant to this day and age than ever in recent memory. But to what extent has the COVID-19 pandemic made politi…


Episode 89: How Much is Truly a Trillion Dollars?

May 2, 2022

Over the past two years of COVID-19 relief-related spending packages, we have probably heard the word "trillion" more often than ever. Most people would call it a large number with 12 zero's, but words alone can't explain th…


Episode 88: Jumping Into the Arena of Ballot Boxing

April 25, 2022

Few of us can be as good as Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson in the boxing ring. But there is a much more participatory arena for those who wish to make their voices heard via the ballot box and protect the American right to vote.…

Solo Sacred Honor Series

Episode 87: Samuel Huntington - The Calm Mediator Who Became President of Congress

April 18, 2022

With a calm and cordial nature, Samuel Huntington may have served as a "first President of the United States." Learn how this early leader from Connecticut helped solve the more territorial disputes of the fledgling nation. …


Episode 86: Mitigating the CCP's Dissonant Discourse Power

April 11, 2022

The global standing of the U.S. is evolving as adversarial nations create new ways to fight with information warfare and discourse power. Cybersecurity expert and freelancer Alicia Fawcett joins us to discuss how the CCP's d…


Episode 85: Returning Intellectual Curiosity to Our Schools

April 4, 2022

Sometimes, a random selection in a historical newspaper can turn into a podcast episode. While researching more about Horace Mann and the history of American education, Sherman decided to pick a page at random and see what h…


Episode 84: Reimagining Financial Incentives in Broadcast News

March 28, 2022

Amid mass polarization and politicization, the fabric of American civics has been shaped and eroded by the mainstream news industry for decades. Now, even former journalists are speaking out and calling for much-needed chang…

Solo Sacred Honor Series

Episode 83: Roger Sherman - The Compromiser Who Brought Promise to America

March 21, 2022

As a delegate who spoke almost 150 times during the Constitutional Convention, Roger Sherman was no stranger to the major political debates that shaped American history forever. Learn how this Connecticut delegate worked to …


Episode 82 Part 2: Universal Genius of the Hot Crazy Matrix

March 14, 2022

Listen to Part 1 HERE What would George Washington and the Founders think about the Hot Crazy Matrix? Find out more in Part 2! Original video link (share with your friends & family!):…


Episode 82 Part 1: Universal Genius of the Hot Crazy Matrix

March 14, 2022

From Leonardo da Vinci to George Washington , Mary Shelley to Albert Einstein, the spectrum of geniuses is endless. A 7-minute video from 2014 with over 300 million views (and counting), the "Universal Hot Crazy Matrix" has …


Episode 81: From the Exhibition of Champions to Mutual Discussion

March 7, 2022

In this episode, we delve into how the Senate maverick Daniel Webster may help explain the state of mindlessness in our society today. Most importantly, this week marks a big announcement that will greatly enhance the listen…


Episode 80: Sparking Hope and Dignity with Joel's Story

Feb. 28, 2022

What if one Facebook message could change a man's path in life? In early 2017, one message from a complete stranger sparked an unlikely partnership and friendship that transcended across the Atlantic. Ben Taylor, the creator…

Solo Sacred Honor Series

Episode 79: William Ellery - A Signer With Hope For an America Without Slavery

Feb. 21, 2022

Just several episodes into this series, we have seen how multiple Signers were already well ahead of their times on making the United States of America a better haven for freedom, opportunity, and justice. The second and fin…


Episode 78 Part 1: Escaping the Cacophony of Communism with the Melody of Freedom

Feb. 14, 2022

Born and raised in Communist Albania, Dr. Elida Dakoli overcame unprecedented political persecution from the regime run by Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labour of Albania. In Part 1 of this remarkable journey, she shares the …

About the Host

Sherman Tylawsky Profile Photo

Sherman Tylawsky

Sherman is the CEO of The George Washington Institute, host of the Friends & Fellow Citizens Podcast, an aspiring statesman, and George Washington enthusiast. He has received a master’s degree in international affairs from Texas A&M University and graduated from King’s College London with a bachelor’s degree in politics. He began his first podcast "Friends & Fellow Citizens" to bring the wisdom and significance of the Founding Fathers back to contemporary American life.

Fun Facts about Sherman:
1. Named after the Founding Father Roger Sherman and Union General William Tecumseh Sherman
2. Student of Classical Latin and fluent in Mandarin
3. Washington DC Trivia aficionado
4. Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Pizza, Baseball, Aggie football, Ice Cream and America are signs that heaven exists…