Aug. 30, 2021

Episode 54: Our 1-Year Anniversary Celebration!

Episode 54: Our 1-Year Anniversary Celebration!

It has been a wonderful first year of the Friends & Fellow Citizens podcast! The unwavering support from family, friends, Patreon supporters, listeners, and guests is truly remarkable. This week, we are reflecting on the past year and celebrating this incredible milestone with highlights and special guests as we look forward to Year 2 of Friends & Fellow Citizens. Stay tuned for more content and listener benefits coming soon!

Check out our first three guests' profiles, episodes and sites below!

Denzel Johnson
Episode 2: Moments of U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East
Episode 26: The First Presidents' Day Special

Pat Yaro
YaroPolitics Blog
Episode 4: Sailing the Transatlantic Ocean of Politics
Episode 28: The COVID-19 Impact on European Healthcare Systems

Christian Piñeiro
Episode 6: America on the Move! A Legacy of American Transportation
Episode 24: Public Transit's Rough Ride During the Pandemic

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