Q: Why is the podcast called "Friends & Fellow Citizens?"

A: The name comes from the first four words of George Washington's Farewell Address. This is how the first President of the United States addressed the nation in 1796 as he was about to depart from his second and final term. There were dozens and dozens of other names considered. But after he decided to read the Farewell Address for some ideas, he saw the first four words and knew immediately that this was the perfect title for the show. Besides, people love bonding with their friends and fellow citizens anyway!

Q: What is Friends & Fellow Citizens about?

A: The show is a civics podcast that applies principles of Washington's Farewell Address into contemporary issues and politics. These principles are patriotism, faith, national unity, education, fiscal responsibility, and civility. It has a wonderful mixture of American history, politics, and civics that serves a practical purpose: learning lessons from the past to uphold American values of freedom, opportunity, and justice in the future. Every week is a solo or interview episode surprise for listeners, so we hope you will tune in!

Q: If podcasts were around in the 1700s, would George Washington be a good host?

A: Absolutely! It probably would have not been trending in Great Britain, but the show would likely have been at or near the Top Charts for the thirteen colonies (eventually states) in the 1780s and 1790s. If podcasting meant more time in Mount Vernon, he and his wife Martha would probably have leaned towards it.

Q: What is the show's format?

A: New episodes are available every Monday at 6am Eastern Time. Solo and interview episodes alternate every week, with some special episodes every now and then! The best part is that anyone can take a listen to newer and older episodes at his or her own leisure!

Q: Who is Sherman's favorite President?

Hint: His name has been mentioned at least once on this page.

Q: What would King George III say about the podcast?

A: "No comment."

Q: Will there be more FAQs in the future? (not actually a question that is frequently asked, but it's a good one and there's nowhere else on the website to put it)

A: Yes!